About JC and his Fur Child

Born amongst the indigenous people of the famed “Furple” Tribe high in the mountains of the Himalayas, spawned the most incredible being the world has ever known. At a young age he developed the ability to adapt to his environment. Having developed the answer to the “Horizon Problem” in physics at age 8, JC then turned his attention to paleoanthropology and astrophysics. After successfully discovering that the migration patterns of the 15th Century Romans led to the discovery of the word “Bro” JC led an expedition to the deepest part of the Earth.

By age 12 JC had become the youngest to quantify the complexity theory. His books have become best sellers and his speeches have been quoted in over 14,000 other famous speeches. Martin Luther King Jr. called him a “revolutionary before his time” even before JC was born. It was among those speeches that JC defined his legacy.

Today JC works in the industry he created, Amalgamated Beet Trading. With over 29 Countries working under one conglomerate, JC successfully brokered peace through this outlet and was awarded both the Nobel Prize in Peace and Economic Sciences. To this day he is the only person to accomplish this.  He is listed in Forbes Magazine’s Top Dudes of 1985, a category they only ran for one year and he was the only nominee.

You can often find JC rubbing shoulders with celebrities at exclusive islands in the south Pacific that he owns. You can also find him secretly working at area White Castles as he is a big fan of the burgers.


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