My Year in Review

meandowenjpgAs 2012 winds down to a close I think back to the beginning of the year and what a crazy ride it has been for me. It has been one of the roughest years I can remember and to top it all off it does not appear 2013 will get much better. I know. That is a very pessimistic view point. I wish I had a better outlook but sadly this year has just been a rough one especially for the pocket book. Every turn seemed to be the result of some very bad decision or lack of planning.

The only bright spot in this entire year has been the job situation. While I was really panicing there for a while this summer, I landed a place I really feel at home. The people here are fantastic, the energy is contagious, and everyone has been very welcoming. It made me realize that my career path, while a little unorthodox, had led me down to the next chapter of my journey. The company itself is growing at a break neck speed and the people are really what is driving that.

Now back to my year. It started looking pretty good. The company I was working for had given me a promotion a few months back to manage a group of Engineers who were supporting their product. It looked as though my plan to make Director within 5 years was in full swing. I had already made Manager within 2 months of being there so working towards being a Director did not seem like a far fetched goal. I enjoyed the people I worked with, my team was great, and the company seemed to be headed in the right direction despite some obvious issues with the product being stable. I felt as though I was really making an impact.

A few months down the road I was realizing how much of a battle I had to overcome. Management had a vision of how to run the Escalation Group and it didn’t really align with what my plans were for the group. However, I did my best to tow the company line and just focus on what I could control. I had a few bad apples in the bunch but the ones that were dragging down the ship I threw overboard. The others I dealt with but was still having some issues.

Now that I look back on my time there, I realize that it was for the best that I moved on. The company itself is sinking and if I were still there I would blindly sink with it. The company is still having severe stability issues and they are losing talented people left and right. I also now realize how archaic their procedures and policies were.

Like I said, the summer was rough for me. I was out of work for about 4 weeks until I landed the job I’m at now. That may not seem like a long time but when you have a family to support, 1 week is too long to be out of work. I worked really hard to get my resume out to as many people as I could. Early on in my career I realized that sending out resumes and trying to get a job is just a numbers game. Send that thing out to as many people as you can. Eventually it will lead to an interview and those interviews will eventually lead to an offer. Also, I’ve always kept my and LinkedIN profiles up to date. While I never think I’m going to leave a company the fact remains you have to plan for the unexpected. If you get laid off or let go, having your resume and profile out there will help you shorten the amount of time you spend out of work. The 4 weeks I spent unemployed is the longest for me. I could easily write a book about the tips and tricks of landing a job quickly. My friends have all admired how quickly I’ve been able to find work. Maybe someday I’ll sit down and write an article or something about it. I’m sure they’re not the only ones curious.

This fall was great. I can’t complain because it led me to where I am now. While the middle of the year was horrible the end has been really something special. I’ve made some new friends, learned some new technology, and have been more creative than I have been in a very very long time. I carry a book around with me now and it is filling up quickly with ideas of things I want to do. However, this has always been my problem. I have so many ideas that I don’t have enough focus to just sit down and start working on one of them before I want to start working on the next one. It’s the same reason my comic book is still not done. It’s the reason the cartoon ideas have never gone beyond simple storyboards. It’s also the reason I never get beyond doing open mic nights at comedy clubs even though I’ve been told I could probably make something of that avenue. In the end I think it is just a matter of making sure I don’t do anything that rocks the boat.

With a family you often take a conservative road. You don’t want to shake the status quo because you want to make sure your family is secure. Right now, they are secure and that’s the way I like it. Maybe 2013 will be the year I focus on one thing and get it done. The problem is, which one do I do first? Oh, and the beard is getting longer. Cheers! – JC


~ by JC on December 13, 2012.

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  1. It’s amazing how letting the glorious awesomeness of facial fur change your life. The beard is us. no Shave Never!

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