Random Musings of a Bearded White Boy!

cool-santa-300x300Wow! It has been some time since my last post. Sorry about that. I’ve been in a bit of a creative funk lately. I am not sure how else to start the blog entries other than “Yup, it’s getting longer.”

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Mine was pretty uneventful other than eating an ungodly amount of food. I mean, seriously. There was more food than I could ever had imagined. We ate at my Mother-in-Law’s on Thanksgiving night and then my Brother’s place on Friday night. My Mother-in-Law has a tendency to overdo things. We had a 7 1/2 lb ham, a full Turkey, several steaks, shrimp, and all the sides you could think of. Every time I belly up to a big meal like that I think of that line in The Simpson’s Movie where that Comic Book Store guy thanks Marge for her Pregnancy pants saying, “Thanks for the Pregnancy pants. I’ve never known comfort like this before.” After a big ass meal like I had at the in-law’s place, I was wishing I would have worn my Pregnancy pants.

My Brother is a little bit more conservative. It was my first time cooking a sweet potato casserole and it came out amazing! I had never had sweet potato casserole but thought it would be easy enough to pull off for the dinner so I went for it. Glad I did because it was so rich and creamy.

So on to the obligatory update about the beard. You know those guys that grow beards but they keep it trimmed close to their face. Yeah, that’s not this anymore. It has grown about 3 inches and is entering what I like to call the “awkward phase.” This is the part where my beard starts to have a mind of its own and no matter what I do to straighten or make it look neat it just does what it wants. This is usually the phase that I get so annoyed that I end up shaving it down or completely off. Next month will be the longest my beard has ever been. I’m actually kind of excited about this phase. I may go to the local beauty shop to see if I can get some straightener or perhaps some more tea tree oil will help.

This is also the phase where I start getting things stuck in places that I didn’t think were possible within the beard. The other day I found a feather from my pillow wedged in the back near my chin. Not sure how it got there but thankfully I caught it before walking out the door.

Not sure if you guys have been tuning in but this season of “Whisker Wars” is so much better than last season. The first season was really focused on setting up the back story to all of the cast of characters who compete in the different facial hair competitions all over the world. This season really starts playing out the rivalries between the Austin Facial Hair Club and Jack Passion.

The thing I don’t like about this season is the Producers seem to be focused on making Jack a real polarizing figure. While I think this may backfire on them it makes for interesting TV. Knowing Jack and how he is I don’t fully agree with this tact since he’s not the vindictive villain they are trying to make him out to be. Hopefully this will change as the season wears on.

Well that’s it for now. I will try to update this more frequently. I know you are all dying to hear how long the beard is getting, what’s getting stuck in there, and how my Wife has not stuck gum in it yet. Thankfully she’s been pretty supportive of this whole foolish endeavor. I think she’s just as curious about what this is going to look like as I am. I keep watching “Duck Dynasty” to get inspiration. This is either a brilliant move or will further plunge me into mental deficiencies.

Speaking of brilliant shows, theFIVE10 Radio (my other project) is back with an all new show Monday December 9th with 2012 breakout band Imagine Dragons. Very excited to be back on the airwaves! I am also working on lining up an interview with W. Kamau Bell. He has a brilliant show on FX called “Totally Biased” Hopefully I’ll be able to land that one. His show is a mix between The Daily Show and Tosh.O. Yeah, you gotta watch it.


~ by JC on December 6, 2012.

3 Responses to “Random Musings of a Bearded White Boy!”

  1. Sweet potato pie/casserole is such an overlooked awesome holiday food. Congrats on your success.

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